Monday, 6 July 2009

William Carey (1761-1834)

See "William Carey, D.D. (1761-1834): An Annotated Bibliography."


  • A Grammar of the Sungskrit [sic] Language, Composed from Works of the Most Esteemed Grammarians. Serampore: Mission Press, 1806.
  • Eighth Memoir Relative to the Progress of the Translation of the Sacred Scriptures, in the Year 1815. Serampore: Serampore Press, 1816.
  • "On the Importance of Sungskrita [sic] to the Future Improvement of India." Friend of India [monthly] 2 (1819) 373-382, 426-442.
  • "On Encouraging the Cultivation of Sungskrit [sic] among the Natives of India." Friend of India [quarlerly] 2 (1822) 131-139.
  • [With Joshua Marshman], ed. and tr. The Ramayuna [sic] of Valmeeki. Serampore: Serampore Press, 1806-10.
  • [With Joshua Marshman and William Ward.] College for Asiatic Christian and Other Youth. Serampore: Mission Press, 1818. 
  • Memoirs of William Carey. Ed. Eustace Carey. London: Jackson and Walford, 1836.


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