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Mariano Saldanha

Mariano Jose Luis de Gonzaga Saldanha (1878-1975) of Uskai (Ucassaim) village in Goa, studied medicine and pharmacy, but spent much of his life as a teacher of Marathi and Sanskrit at the Lyceum in Goa and of Sanskrit at Lisbon. (See J. Clement Vaz, Profiles of Eminent Goans, Past and Present, 1997, 259, search Google Books)

Prof. Mariano Saldanha "a linguist who taught Sanskrit and Konkani in Lisbon for over two decades," was among those who donated their large personal collections to the Xavier Centre for Historical Research Library. (See Cajetan Coelho, "Rediscovering a Lost Cultural Identity," at as of 2 June 2011.)

J.L. Saldanha instead borrowed an MS of the Khristapurana from a Mr. Marian Saldanha, whom he describes as "an enthusiast of Purannic literature." (S iii)

MCS - the KP MS at the TSKK - bears the name "M.C. Saldanha" in pencil on one of the first pages, and also on the spine of the leather binding.

Is it possible to identify the two? Could M.C. be really M.G, and if so, does it stand for Mariano Jose Luis de Gonzaga Saldanha?

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J.A. Saldanha's Devanagari MS of the Khristapurana

This is what J.L. Saldanha has to say about the single Devanagari MS that he examined:
The single Devanagari transliteration obtined in connexion with the present publication, through the kindness of Mr. J.A. Saldanha, is, however, full of modern forms given in plce of the old ones of the Romanized copies, and contains, besides, numerous errors. It seems to hve drawn  good deal of attention at the late Centenary Celebration of the Bombay Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, at which it was exhibited at Mr. Saldanha's express desire." ["Introduction," The Christian Puranna (Bolar, Mangalore: Simon Alvares, Esq., 1907) XL note 2.]

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Sadhu chaturanga padri / Thomas Estevo

If I am not mistaken, the name of Thomas Stephens / Estevao / Estevam does not appear in the MS ascribed to him. In that case, this discovery should be interesting. In the Bhaugun Kamat Vagh MS (Goa University Library), on an unnumbered page after Avesvaru 12 (which is from the First Purana, and continues the story of the patriarch Joseph), we have the following verse which, as far as I know, does not belong to the Khristapurana:

Sadhu chaturanga padri
Hea purannacha adicary
Tomas Estevo Cauitu Surghari
Mirauala changu /1/

This unit / composition has altogether 14 verses. The name of Thomas is mentioned once more at least in the composition. 

Who is Sadhu chaturanga padri

And what might be the exact translation of the verse?

2 June 2011: the mystery is solved: the strophe above is the first strophe of the Praise of Fr Thomas Stephens by Frei Gaspar de S. Miguel - which consists, precisely, of 14 strophes.

Bibliographies acquired by Divyadaan Library

The following have been acquired by Divyadaan Library as of May 2011:
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Thomas Stephens: Goa University Library holdings

This is a rough idea of the holdings of the Goa University Library on Thomas Stephens. The holdings are mostly in the Pissurlencar Collection. [Bibliography of Dr Pissurlencar Collection, ed. B.S. Shastry and V.R. Navelkar (Bambolim: Goa University, 1989). Part II, List of Historical Writings in Dr Pissurlencar Collection, pp. 47-48.]

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