Friday, 17 July 2009

The Baago and Hambye bibliographies

I pulled out my file and glanced at what I have in it: the Kaj Baago bibliography, and Hambye's bibliography. Both quite massive achievements. In addition I have one copy of the bibliography published by the Heras Institute of Mumbai.

The Baago bibliography is divided according to periods, and within each period according to language. I noticed that the pre-1600 period has barely 3 items in all. Which is a real pity. I guess this state of affairs is in large part due to the destructive zeal of the Synod of Udayamperur or Diamper.... I remember a historian like A. Mundadan, CMI, weeping at this point in his history classes at Kristu Jyoti College. I think we have to understand the sometimes quite irrational attitudes that we encounter. There is a history behind it all.

Yesterday Tony George, SJ promised to send me a book containing indications about Christian literature in Maharashtra, or perhaps in Marathi. That will be welcome.

And of course, the definition of 'Indian Christian Writings.' I am curious to see how the Baago and Hambye items handle this.

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