Sunday, 5 July 2009

About this bibliography

My aim is to set up a collaboration aimed at getting together a bibliography of Indian Christian Writings, one that is as complete as possible.

Several attempts have already been made, among which I mention the following:
Baago, Kaj, A Bibliography, Madras: CLS, 1969.

England, John C. et al, Asian Christian Theologies: A Research Guide to Authors, Movements, Sources. Vol 1, 7th-20th centuries: South Asia, Austral Asia, Delhi:ISPCK, 2002.

Of course, 'Indian Christian Writings' will have to be defined more precisely; but that I hope to do as we go along.

For the time being, the best way to begin is to begin.

But let me begin by inviting your collaboration. If you are an expert and have a bibliography to contribute, you are most welcome to do so. Even if you are not an expert, but have something to say, or an item to be noted, please don't hesitate to say your part.

So here goes!

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