Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Another copy of the Khristapurana: Collection of Bhaugun Kamat Vagh

One more copy of the Khristapurana, indicated in Tadkodkar's book:

[Copy, manuscript.] Collection of Bhaugun Kamat Vagh. Copy in Goa University Library: see Bibliography of Dr Pandurang Sakharam Shennavi Pissurlencar Collections, vol. II (of 3 vols.), Goa University Series No. 3, ed. B.S. Shastry and V.R. Navelkar. Cited in S.M. Tadkodkar, Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika During the 17th Century (Delhi: B.R. Publishing Corporation, 2010) 118, note 8. Tadkodkar notes that this copy is from the 19th century, and that sometimes the strophe numbers do not coincide with any of the strophe numbers in other copies mentioned by him (i.e. mainly the Central Library Panjim copy). 

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Tadkodkar's Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika: a first look

Finally managed to get a copy of S.M. Tadkodkar's Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika During the 17th Century.

It contains: the texts of the 3 Paixao's / Vilapika's from the Central Library MS of Thomas Stephens' Khristapurana at Panjim, in Roman script; transliterations by T into Devanagari script; and plenty of front and back matter.

Appendix G is entitle "Texts of the Christi Vilapika" in the Table of Contents. This is misleading: it is really an Index to the Texts of the Christi Vilapika.

I wish a good copy editor had been employed!

The system of transliteration has to be checked.

The printing and the fonts used: again, unfortunately, not the best.

But a great work, a great achievement.

Not much about the authorship of the 3 texts; or perhaps it is there, but there are no clear subtitles to the effect.

The Khristapurana was printed in 1616 and 1649 at Rachol, and in 1654 at the College of St Paul, according to Schurhammer, quoted by Priolkar in The Printing Press in India, quoted at T 112.