Sunday, 5 July 2009

Francisco Vaz de Guimaraes

Just yesterday I learnt of the existence of a Khrista Purana in the 'East Indian' dialect, which is to say, the dialect of Marathi spoken in Vasai (Bassein to the Portuguese), Uttan and Mumbai. The author of this Khrista Purana is Francisco Vaz de Guimaraes of Portugal, and the language of composition is Portuguese. This Portuguese Khrista Purana was subsequently translated by an unknown person into the East Indian dialect. My information is neither very precise nor complete, but I thought I would record it here all the same, inviting corrections where necessary. This information is taken from Simon Borges, Prastavana (Introduction), see the last item (2002) below, and from Nelson Falcao, Kristapurana: A Christian-Hindu Encounter, Pune: Snehasadan / Anand: Gujarat Sahitya Prakash, 2003, 215-216.

Khrista Purana [The original title is probably Auto da Paixao]. (Portuguese.) 1559 (according to the Portuguese historian Fr Antonio Lerte).

Khrista Purana. (Portuguese.) Evaro, 1593.

Khrista Purana. (Nelson Falcao's English rendition is: Purana or the Narration of the Incarnation, Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Vernacular Language.) (East Indian, Roman script.) Translator unknown. Lisbon, 1659.

Khrista Purana. (East Indian, Roman script.) Bombay, 1876. Reprint of the above.

Khrista Purana. (East Indian, Devanagari script.) Manikpur - Vasai: Thomas Carvalho, 1922, reprinted 1927.

Sudharlelam Purana: Soami Jesus Khristo Apale Apostolamshim Jerusalemche Shaharanta Guelia Passun Tiamche Maranam ani Sanjiupanam Pavat. (East Indian, Roman script.) Ed. Luis Francis Gonsalves. Abridged version, containing 15 cantos or kanthas, corresponding to kanthas 13-27 of the Borges edition. Thane: L.M. Furtado, 1928.

Marathi Boli Bhasetila Purana: Prabhu Yesu Khristace Kasta Marana va Punarutthana.. (East Indian, Devanagari script.) Ed. John D'Mello. Abridged version, containing 15 cantos or kanthas, corresponding to kanthas 13-27 of the Borges edition. Pune: Asiatic Press, 1960.

Khrista Purana Swamyajesusa Khristache (Janana, marana, sajivana yancha katharupi itihas). (East Indian, Devanagari script.) Ed. Simon Borges. 36 cantos or kanthas. Kurla - Mumbai: Simon Borges, (10 March) 2002.

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