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Roberto de Nobili, SJ (1577-1656)

1. Primary sources
  • Gnanopadesa Kandam I. (Big Catechism I). Tuticorin, TLS, 1966. 164 pp. [SH, XP]
  • Gnanopadesa Kandam II. (Big Catechism II). Tuticorin, TLS, 1966. 376 pp. [SH, XP]
  • Gnanopadesa Kandam III. (Big Catechism III). Tuticorin, TLS, 1968. 700 pp. [SH, XP]
  • Gnanopadesa Kandam IV. (Big Catechism IV). Tuticorin, TLS, 1963. 206 pp. [SH, XP, UTC]
  • Gnanopadesa 26 Pirasangangal. (Big Catechism, 26 sermons). Tuticorin, TLS, 1963. 174 pp. [XP, UTC]
  • Gnanopadesakkuripidamum 28 Pirasangangal. (Summary of Big Catechism and 28 sermons). Tuticorin, TLS, 1964. 178 pp. [XP, UTC]
  • Punar Jenma Akshepam. (Refutation of Transmigration.) Tuticorin, TLS, 1963. 141 pp. [XP, UTC]
  • Nittiya Jivana Sallabam. (Dialogue on Eternal Life.) + Kadavul Nirnayam (Theodicy). Tuticorin, TLS, 1964. 145 pp. [SH, XP, UTC]
  • Sesunathar Sarithiram (Life of Christ). Tuticorin, TLS, 1964. 100 pp. [SH, XP, UTC]
  • Devamatha Sarithiram (Life of Our Lady). Tuticorin, TLS, 1964. 70 pp. [SH, XP, UTC]
  • Thushana Dikkaram (Refutation of Calumnies). Tuticorin, TLS, 1964. 600 pp. [SH, XP, UTC]
  • Attama Nirnayam (Science of the Soul). Pondicherry, 1899. 303 pp; Tuticorin, TLS, 1967. 648 pp. [JC, SH, XP]
  • Mathasampanda Sallapam: un mathamanna? (What is your Religion?) Pondicherry, 1915. 213 pp. [Probably by De Nobili, but not quite certain.] [JC]
  • Premiere apologie (1610). Paris, 1931. 205 pp. [French. An English translation is expected.] [NO, P, XC]
  • The following writings are attributed to De Nobili:
    • Gnana Sanjeevi (Spiritual Medicine). Tuticorin, TLS, 1965. 158 pp. [Extended meditations on the seriousness of sin.]
    • Divviya Madirigai (Divine Model). Tuticorin, TLS, 1966. 140 pp. [SH, XP]
    • Gnana Natsettira Malai. Tuticorin, TLS, 1966. 132 pp. [SH, XP]
    • Parvasangirtanak Kuripiddam. Tuticorin, TLS, 1966. 50 pp. [SH, XP]
    • Dharma Nadakkai (The Perfect Life). Tuticorin, TLS, 1965. 91 pp. [SH, UTC, XP]

2. Secondary sources
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