Monday, 6 July 2009

Jerome Xavier, SJ (1549-1617)

  • Mirat-ul-Quds [The Truth-Showing Mirror]. Life of Christ. Portuguese and Persian, 1602. [Asian Christian Theologies 1:42.]
  • Controversial Tracts on Christianity and Mohammedanism by Rev. Henry Martyn and some of the most eminent writers in Persia. Ed. S. Lee. Cambridge, 1824. cxxvii+584. Resume in English, taking up most of the 120 pp. of Introduction. [JA, NL]
  • Dastan Ahwal Zaman Hadrat Isa Wa Dhikr Saheb-E-Ishau. [An Account of the Times and Lif of Christ.] MS 262 pp. [CL]
  • Aina-yi-Haqq-Numa. In Portuguese, 1597. In Persian, 1609. Christian and Muslim beliefs are contrasted in a dialogue between a Catholic priest, a philosopher, and a Muslim mullah. [Asian Christian Theologies  1:42.]
  • Hazrat-e-Eesu.
  • Adavu'-s-Sultanate.
  • Duties of Kingship. [Thekkedath 1988: 436ff. Camps 2000: 33ff.] [Asian Christian Theologies 1:42.]

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