Saturday, 26 September 2009

Nehemiah Goreh (1825-95)

Christianity explained to a Hindu; or Christianity and Hinduism compared. Compiled from Bishop Caldwell, Rev. Nehemiah Goreh, Krishna Mohun Banerjea, and other writers (1893). Madras Christian Literature Society.
Hindu Philosophical Systems : A Rational Refutation (1862)
A Rational Refutation of the Hindu Philosophical Systems (1897) 
A Mirror of the Hindu Philosophical Systems (1911)
A Christian Response to the Hindu Philosophical Systems
The Theology of Nehemiah Goreh. Introd. by Balwant A.M. Paradkar. Bangalore: CISRS, 1969.

Four Lectures Delivered in Substance to the Brahmos in Bombay and Poona in April and July 1875. 1875.

A Letter to the Brahmos from a Converted Brahman of Benares

Young, Richard Fox. "Enabling Encounters: The Case of Nilakanth-Nehemiah Goreh, Brahmin Convert." International Bulletin of Missionary Research 29/1 (2005) 14-18, 20.
Young, Richard Fox. "Holy Orders: Nehemiah Goreh's Ordination Ordeal and the Problem of 'Social Distance' in Nineteenth-Century North Indian Anglicanism." Church History and Religious Culture 90/1 (2010) 69-88.

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  1. What are the writing of Nehemiah Goreh that we now have available? does any one know? I am particularly interested in his writings that were for the purpose of communicating with Hindus and in any apologetics works