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Brahmabandhav Upadhyay (1861-1907)

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  1. Ivo you could try contacting Kenny for some biblio on Brahmobandab - he did a paper on this with material from Carl Fonseca sj and had some interesting material...

  2. A historian, sushila Sawant-Mendes (doing her PhD currently and working at a college in Goa) posted these comments in respose to a forward of your post, which I sent to Goa-Research-Net []:

    Fredrick I found Cunha Rivara's,'History of the Konkani Language' in the Public Library at Evora,Portugal.A.K Priolkar's.'The Printing Press in India' is in the library of the Goa Historical Archives.
    Sushila Mendes


    Regards, Frederick Noronha fn at goa-india dot org