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Johann Ernst Hanxleden, SJ (Arnos Pathiri) (1681-1732)


  • Puththenpaana [Mishihaadaey paana / New song-poem] (Malayalam poem; published by St. Joseph's press, Mannanam)
  • Chathuranthyam [Naaluparvvam / The four ends] (Malayalam poem)
  • Genevieva punyacharithram [The epic of St. Genevieve] (Malayalam poem)
  • Ummaadaey dhukhkham [Mater dolorosa / Mother's sorrow] (Malayalam poem; thought to have later become the twelfth paadham of the Puththenpaana)
  • Malayalam-Portuguese nighandu [Dictionarium Malabarico-Lusitanum] (published in 1988 by Kerala sahithya academy)
  • Malayalavyaakaranam [Grammatica Malabarico Lusitana / Arte Malabar] (Malayalam grammar; published in 1993 by Ranjima publications, with original in Portuguese and English translation by Ms Pinto; Editor: P.V. Ulahannan Mappila)
  • Samskrutham-Portuguese nighandu [Dictionarium Samscredamico-Lusitanum] (completed by Bernhard Bischopinck and Archbishop Antonio Pimental)
  • Samskruthavyaakaranam [Sanskrit grammar]. [The manuscript of Hanxleden's Sanskrit grammar - also seemingly known as Grammatica Grandonica - surfaced in May 2010 in the Convento di San Silvestro, Montecompatri, Italy.  See File:] [Also reported in The Hindu (5 Feb 2012), and in the MLBD [Motilal Banarsidass] Newsletter 34/5 (May 2012) 15.
  • Ave Maris Stella [Hymn; not extant]


  • Franz Kaspar Schillinger, Persianische und Ost-Indianische Reis, welche Franz Kaspar Schillinger mit P. Wilhelm Weber und P. Wilhelm Mayr durch das Türckische Gebiet im Jahr 1699 angefangen und 1702 vollendet. Nürnberg, 1707.
  • Paulinus of St. Bartholomew, Examen historico-criticum codicum indicorum bibliothecae sacrae congregationis de propaganda fide. Propaganda Press, Rome, 1792.
  • Paulinus of St. Bartholomew, India orientalis Christiana. Propaganda Press, Rome, 1794.
  • Paulinus of St. Bartholomew, De manuscriptis codicibus indicis R. P. Joan Ernesti Hanxleden epistola ad. R. P. Alexium Mariam A. S. Joseph Carmelitam excalceatum. Vienna, 1799.
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