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Jose Kuttianimattathil, SDB (1955- )


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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

First books in Goa

Olivinho Gomes, Konkani Literature in Roman Script: A History (Panaji: Dalgado Konknni Akademi, 2010), supplies the following information about the first books printed in India / Goa:

First books: Francisco Cabral, Conclusoes de Logica, 1556. Manuel Teixeira, Conclusoes de Filosofia, 1556. [3.]

The third: Andre Vaz [probably], Doutrina Christam [in Konkani, Roman script]. Vaz was a senior Goan seminarian, a Ksatriya / Chaddhi / Chardo ‘gaunkar’ from Kormbolli (Carambolim), later the first Goan Catholic priest, ordained in 1558. Based on the popular catechism of Marcos Jorge, then popular in Europe and known to the clergy in Goa. Adapted to the needs of his Goan parishioners. [3-4.]

This is the first printed book in any language in India, and that in Konkani. [4.] So popular that it was reprinted in 1560, “as reported in the chronicles of the period.” Unfortunately no copy has survived “the fierce onslaught on these religious Orders that was decreed by several Portuguese governments, notably in 1758 on the Jesuits and later on all other religious Orders in J.A. Aguiar’s infamous mata-frades (priests’-killer) decree of 1834, and the sheer neglect and indifference that it was subjected to by later generations of the missionaries and apathy from its own people oppressed by a self-depression.” [4.]

Andre Vaz was also credited with the first draft grammar of Konkani, on the basis of which he taught the foreign priests. [4.]

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Thomas Stephens' Gauravika in Vasai

Yesterday Tony George SJ was kind enough to take me to the Assumption Sisters convent at Rajodi, off Satpala, which is the Virar area, I suppose. Tony had requested his friend and parish councillor Vincent Fargoz to take us in his car. On the way back, Vincent took us to see Prof. Nazareth Misquitta, Principal of St Joseph's College. Prof. Misquitta was the editor of the 'Souvenir' brought out in Vasai on the occasion of the 400th year of Thomas Stephens' year-long sojourn in Vasai. He was kind enough to present me a copy of the Souvenir, or Gauravika. I have just uploaded it and the contents to the Thomas Stephens Bibliography on this blog.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Alexander Thannippara, CMI

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Devadatta Narayana Tilak


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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Pandita Ramabai (1858-1922)


  • A Testimony
  • The High Caste Hindu Woman
  • Mukti Prayer Bell and News Letters
  • Famine Experience in India: 1900.
  • Report of Mukti School and Mission
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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Adyar Library and Research Centre

Finally managed to visit the Adyar Library and Research Centre at the International Headquarters of the Theosophical Society. (All this is part of the search for missing items in my De Smet collection.) We had quite a time trying to enter the campus in the first place. The guard at the first gate sent us to the second gate, and the guard at the second gate just shooed us away. We were out of time, he said - the timings on display were 0830-1000, and 1400-1600, and it was just past 1000 hrs - and besides, we had no membership card. So we went back to the first gate, where I noticed that the bookshop timings were 0900-1200, so I went in, and the person at the shop was really very helpful. She phoned the Library, and said if I didn't mind walking, I could reach the Library that way. I certainly did not mind, and I had a lovely walk through the vast, utterly beautiful and silent campus. I got the impression that there was not a whole lot of activity going on. I certainly did not spot more than a couple of people, mostly workers, but the two I spoke to were fluent in English and most helpful. Veena had told me to walk straight till the banyan tree, and then turn right. I came across what looked like a banyan tree, but there was no right turn, so I turned left, and landed up at a large and striking building. Footwear to be left outside; and inside just largish open spaces. I gathered it must be the main prayer or meditation hall. Quite striking, really. I couldn't help remembering that Jiddu Krishnamurti must have spent time here. At any rate, I decided that there was no libraryish activity there, so I walked away, found the banyan tree with some help, turned right, and there was the Library.

Mrs Gnanam was most helpful. In fact, she was expecting me, she showed me the volumes of The Divine Life brought out for me. I was surprised at this efficiency. Not 20 minutes must have passed since Veena's phone call. Then Mrs Gnanam showed me my mail: that explained. I was surprised: I thought it hadn't reached. "I did not bother to reply because you were coming so soon," she said.

In the meantime Prof. Shinde turned up. It appears he is the head of the library. It turned out that he was from Maharashtra, and we got talking cordially in Marathi. I offered a complimentary copy of the latest issue of Divyadaan: Journal of Philosophy and Education (23/1), and he was so moved that he offered me a complimentary copy of Brahmavidya (which, it struck me, was the exact Sanskrit equivalent of Theosophy). I suggested an exchange, and he seemed open to it.

Mrs Gnanam directed me to take reader membership: Rs 50 fee, Rs 200 deposit. That took some time, but it was finally done, and then I settled down with the volumes in the Reading Room. But before that I took a good look at the card catalog, and found The Sikh Review (1971). I also found that the Library had a few  issues of The Call Divine, and, more importantly, I found that the periodical was "A monthly journal devoted to the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi" and probably published at Bombay by a P.M.N. Swamy. The holdings were: 1/1-5, 7-12 (1952), 2/2-5 (1953), 15/5 (1967), and 18/10 (1970).

Going through the volumes of The Divine Life took time, but it was worth it. The 26 (1964) and 27 (1965) volumes were not there, but the others were very much there: 33 (1971), 34 (1972), 35 (1973), 39 (1977), 40 (1978), 41 (1979), 43 (1981), 45 (1983), and the unnumbered (1992). I had to fill in photocopy request forms, and pay in advance for the copies as well as postage. The copies cost Rs 2 for a normal page, and Rs 4 for a larger size page. Digital photos are charged Rs 10 per page, so I did not attempt that. The gentleman at the counter assured me that the copies would reach me in Nashik before 14 August.

I was supposed to visit also the new Anna Centenary Library at Kotturpuram, but put it off for lack of time. But a glance at the Wiki article makes me think that I missed something. Should do it the next time. 

Monday, 30 July 2012

The Telugu Encyclopedia - Vijnana Sarvasvamu

Am in Chennai, and am taking the opportunity to visit some libraries. My main aim was to visit the Adyar Library and Research Centre, but it happens to be closed Mondays. Has to be done tomorrow. Instead, I visited the Connemara Public Library in Egmore - very ancient and all that, but their periodical section seems not to keep old issues. They did have The Divine Life published by the Sivananda Ashram, Rishikesh, but no back issues.

Next I visited the main Library of the University of Madras, once again heading straight to the Periodical Section. The ladies in the OPAC centre were quite helpful, though they spoke only Tamil, they did understand English. The OPAC was non-functional, and the card catalogue was inaccessible due to repairs, they said. However, they brought down several issues of The Divine Life, and also of the Indian Antiquary; unfortunately, none of the ones I was looking for. They even took me up to the stacks, where we searched for copies of the Proceeding of the Indian Philosophical Congress, which we found under Indian Philosophical Annual. They did not have a complete set of the Annual - I was looking only for the 1957 one, perhaps a second volume of it, with an article of De Smet's. They did not know whether anyone in the University had a complete set. Sad, because the Annual was published by the Dept. of Philosophy.

Inquiring about the Telugu Encyclopedia, the young man at the main desk directed me to the Library at the Marina Campus, where, he said, the language books were kept. So off to the Marina Campus, a few kilometres further down the beach. Once again, very friendly people, despite the language barrier. Two shelves of Telugu books, all naturally in Telugu. But I was lucky: I chanced upon something that looked like an encyclopedia volume, and so it was: vol. 2 of the famous Telugu Encyclopedia for which I have been searching so long. It is called Vijnana Sarvasvamu, and it is an affair going into 16 volumes. Unfortunately the volumes were scattered all over the two shelves, and the set was not complete. But: I have traced the real name of the Encyclopedia. One of the young students was kind enough to lead me to the Head of the Dept. of Telugu, who told me that a complete set would be found at the Potti Sriramalu Telugu University. Nampalli, Hyderabad. That is good news. Can be tracked down. I am searching for De Smet's contributions - one on St Thomas Aquinas, and the other on Scholasticism. his bibliography dates them 1964. Volume 2 of the encyclopedia was, in fact, of 1964. His contribution will therefore probably be in vols. 3, 4, 6 or 7 which I did not find. (I did not find vols. 12, 14-16 either.)

There is probably a second edition: Vijnana Sarvasvamu. Hyderabad: Vijnana Sarvasva Kendram, Telugu Visvavidyalayam, 1987. See, as of 30 July 2012. A whole set is probably available at the New York Public Library, New York, and Cornell University, Ithaca. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Jacome Gonsalves and the Khristapurana

Confirmation that Jacome Gonsalves' Deva Veda Puranaya was inspired by Thomas Stephens' Khristapurana comes from J. Clement Vaz, Profiles of Eminent Goans, Past and Present (New Delhi: Concept Publishing, 1997) 115. Given that Gonsalves' lifespan was 1676-1742, we have to assume that he was familiar with either all 3 print editions or at least with the 3rd print edition of 1654. 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Anthony D. George, SJ (19??- )

  • Svatantryapurvakalatila Dharmantarita Khristi Vyaktinci Atmanivedane Samajika Ani Vangmayina Abhyasa. Mumbai: Mumbai Vidyapeeth, 2007. [PhD thesis on pre-1947 Marathi converts to Christianity, submitted to Bombay University.]

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Jordanus Catalani (fl. 1302-1330)

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Saturday, 7 January 2012


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Gabriel Pacheco (fl. 1770-1790)

[Oratorian from Goa, worked in Sri Lanka]

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Letters from Mar Thoma IV (1686-1725), head of the Jacobite community in Malabar, to Antioch, Leiden, and Batavia. In Syriac. Contain notes on the history of the Malabar churches, and requests to send bishops and priests. Requests also for Dutch help against the Portuguese clergy. 1709, 1713, 1715, 1717, 1720, 1728. Printed in part in Leiden, 1714, 1863. [Schurhammer 1963: 333ff.] [ACT 1:43.]

Friday, 6 January 2012

Anonymous, Chamo Bedo (c. 1700)

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Anonymous, Ezour Vedam

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