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Robert Antoine, SJ (1914-1981)

This bibliography contains literary and other contributions. It is taken from

1. Books

  • 1953: A Sanskrit Manual for High Schools, 2 parts, Calcutta, St. Xavier’s College.
  • 1957: Where We All Meet – A Dialogue. Calcutta, Light of the East Series No. 51, COP.
  • 1963: Gan Kara Nava Git, A Bengali Hymn book. Calcutta, Shanti Bhavan.
  • 1964: Religious Hinduism, A Presentation and appraisal by Jesuit Scholars. Allahabad: St. Paul’s Publications. (Fr. Antoine, with some other Jesuit friends, had planned this book, first as a series of 24 monthly letters which appeared from June 1957 to June 1959, then, with Frs. J Neuner and R De Smet as editors, as an enlarged book in 1964. Fr. Antoine contributed himself nine of the chapters of this book)
  • 1965: Introduction to Upanisads. Monograph, Pune, Papal Seminary.
  • 1967: The Mystery of Man. Calcutta, Xavier Publication.
  • 1972: Virgil’s Aeneid, translated into Bengali. Calcutta, Jadavpur University.
  • 1972: Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsa, translated into English. Calcutta, Writer’s Workshop.
  • 1974: Seven Theban Tragedies, translated from the Greek to Bengali. Calcutta, Jadavpur University.
  • 1975: Rama and the Bards, Epic Memory in the Ramayana. Calcutta, Writer’s Workshop.

2. Articles

  • “Music Indian and Western”, The Annual Souvenir of 1958, Sarat Bose Academy (Calcutta)
  • “A Pioneer of Neo-Hinduism” Bankim C Chatterjee.” Indica, IHRI Commemoration Volume, St. Xavier’s College, Bombay (1953).
  • “Indian and Greek Epic.” Quest (April 1958).
  • “The Gospel and Modern Indian Thought”, Lumen Vitae (Brussels) 1953.
  • “Religious Symbolism in the Kausitaki Upanisad”, Baroda Journal of the Oriental Institute, 1951.
  • “The Eucharist and the Industrialization”, India and the Eucharist. 61-70.
  • “Homo Viator”, The Visvabharati Quarterly (Calcutta) 41/1-4 (1975-76) 1-17.
  • “The Curse in Oedipus Rex and Abhijnanasakuntalam”, Jadavpur Journal of Comparative Literature 18-19 (1980-81) 1-12.
  • “The Technique of Oral composition in the Ramayana”, Jadavpur Journal of Comparative Literature 21 (1983) 1-21.
  • The Technique of Oral Composition in the Ramayana” (cont) Jadavpur Journal of Comparative Literature 22 (1984).
  • "Hymns of the Breviary in Sanskrit." The Clergy Monthly 15/5 (1951)189-190, 349-395. [Amaladass and Young, The Indian Christiad 367.]
  • "Hymn to God Transcendent." Tattvaviveka 9/1-2 (1960) 3-4. [Amaladass and Young, The Indian Christiad 367.]

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