Saturday, 26 February 2011

James R. Ballantyne

  • The Bible for Pandits: The First Three Chapters of Genesis, Diffusively and Unreservedly Commented in Sanskrit and English. London: James Madden, 1860. [Amaladass and Young, The Indian Christiad 367.]
  • Christianity Contrasted with Hindu Philosophy: An Essay in Five Books, Sanskrit and English / Khrstadharmakaumudi. London: James Madden, 1860. [Amaladass and Young, The Indian Christiad 367.]
  • Mukhopadhyaya, Brajalal. Khristadharmakaumudi samalocana. A Critical Review of Dr. J. Ballantyne's Khristadharmakaumudi. Calcutta: People's Press, 1894. [Amaladass and Young, The Indian Christiad 370.]

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