Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Krishna Mohan Banerjea (1813-1885)

  • Dialogues on Hindu Philosophy (1861, 1903)
  • The Aryan Witness (1875)
  • The Relation of Christianity and Hinduism (1897)

  • Philip, T.V. Krishna Mohan Banerjea: Christian Apologist. Confessing the Faith in India, no. 15. Bangalore: CISRS; Madras: CLS, 1982.

[References from G. Gispert-Sauch, Review of Paul Inje, A Two-Dimensional Approach: Christ's Sacrifice in the Letter to the Hebrews and Sacrifice in Gandhian Thought, Vidyajyoti Journal of Theological Reflection 77/2 (2013) 155-157.]

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