Sunday, 20 January 2013

Falcao's English translation of Stephens' Khristapurana

And this very welcome piece of news: Nelson Falcao's English translation of his Marsden MS edition of Thomas Stephens' Khristapurana is finally out of the press. I have not yet seen a copy, but I to soon. This should be a book that many libraries, especially those with interests in culture, religion and theology, should by all means acquire. This is the very first complete English translation of the KP. See: 
Father Thomas Stephens' Kristapurana: Purana I and II: Revised and Enlarged, Complete Edition; Handwritten Marsden copy from the British Library, London, Sanskritized-Marathi Biblical Epic; About Eleven Thousand Verses from Sanskritized-Marathi Poetry. Translated into English Prose; with Ample Notes, References, Introductions, Appendices and Bibliography. Ed. and tr. Nelson Falcao, SDB. Bengaluru: Kristu Jyoti Publications, 2012. Pp. (1)+(94)+1708. ISBN: 978-81-87370-72-7. 

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