Friday, 6 January 2012

Songs and annals of the Church in India

  • Marthomman Pattu. A prayer for the blessing of Mar Thoma and for the presence of Jesus, along with blessings and praises sung to the bride. [Asian Christian Theologies 1:5.]
  • Mayilanchi Pattu. The biblical story of Adam and Even in Eden, concluding with “she is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh… I may forget everything on her account.” [1:6.]
  • Anthem Charthu Pattu. Declaring the blessing of Our Lord Jesus, relatives, elders and parents, upon the bridal pair. This is sung to the bridegroom. [1:6.]
  • Nallu Palli Pattu. Collection of more than twenty historical songs, recording the lives of priests and bishops, construction of the church, and segments of church history. Churches included: Cranganore, Palayur, Kollam, Chayal and Uzhavoor. [1:6.]
  • Rabban Pattu. Song of Thomas. [Notice Rabban: the word the Jews use for Rabbi.] Claimed to have been written by a disciple of St Thomas, and later translated, c. 1100 CE, by his descendent. Gives the fullest account available of the early traditions of Thomas’ life, ministry, and death, and the particular localities for each event. See Kuriakose 1982, and Mundadan 1984. The present redaction has been influenced by Chaldean accounts and possibly by later Portuguese additions. But it preserves very ancient material, much of which is present in the earliest chronicles of particular churches in south India. [1:6.]
  • Margam Kali Pattu. The Song of the Way. Used to accompany a sacred dance. Describes the introduction to Kerala of the marga or Christian way, and the path of Christian conversion. Such records reveal a devout loyalty to the faith and practices of the churches of the East (East and West Syrian, ‘Nestorian’, Jacobite and Chaldean), which is expressed in community life, both through a spontaneous blending of cultures and a distinctive and disciplined lifestyle. Thomas 1961. [1:6.]
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