Friday, 6 January 2012

Letters, Church in India, 16-17th centuries

  • Letter of four bishops of Malabar to Patriarch Mar Elias. 1504.
  • Letters of Mar Jacob of Cochin to John III of Portugal. 1524, 1530. Recount the earliest contacts between the Syro-Malabar Christians and the Portuguese. [Asian Christian Theologies 1:41.]
  • Letter of Mar Aithalaha of Mylapore to Archdeacon Palliveettil, 1652. Conflicts resulting from western intervention in doctrine, liturgy, leadership.
  • Letter of Mar Gregorios to Syrian priests in his diocese. 1668. As above.
  • Letters by priests Jacob, Zachariah, Thomas, Paulos, Luka Alexandros, and others, from Malabar to Rome. 1658. 1659. [Kuriakose 1982. Thekkedath 1988.] [ACT 1:41.]

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