Sunday, 5 August 2012

Devadatta Narayana Tilak


  • Tilak, Devadatta Narayana. Pāula vāṭā.  Mumbai: Mumbai Tract & Book Society, 1939.
  • Tilak, Narayana Devadatta. Bhārtīya Khristī kāydā. Nashik: Nagarika Mudranalaya, n.d.
  • A Kempis, Thomas. Khristānuvartana. Tr. Narayan Vaman Tilak and Devdatta Narayan Tilak. Rev. Ed. J.M. Pithekar. Manikpur Pitha, Vasai Road: Smita Prakashan, 2009. [First published 1924. Reprint in 4 parts 1929-30. Reprint of 4 parts together 1959. Second edition 1968.] 
  • D.N. Tilak, “Narayan Vaman Tilak,” Suvṛtta Prasāra (December 1961) 3-6. [Issue dedicated to] Narayan Vaman Tilak Janmashatabdi 6 December 1961. 
  • Tilak, Devdatta Narayana. Maharashtrachi tejasvini Pandita Ramabai. Pune: White Light Publications, 1960 (1st ed.), 2012 (2nd ed.).



  1. DNT has also written a boklet on REv. Fr. Francis Shubigar, SJ, a missionary who worked at Sangamner during eppidemics and droaughts which is not mentioned here

  2. Thank you dear Ashok. Could you give me all the details? Title and subtitle if any, place of publication, publishing house, year of publication, number of pages if possible.

  3. DTL wrote an excellent book on the history of the Marathi Bible, Biblatsi Thorndorlak - I have tried to find it in English with no success- even made a translation of it into English for myself.