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Dominic Veliath, SDB (1942- )

1. Books

I. Author

The Scotism of William of Alnwick in His “Determinationes De Anima.” Rome:  Pontificio Ateneo Salesiano, 1970.

Mary: Sign and Bearer of God’s Love. Madras: The Beatitudes, 1981.

Theological Approach and Evaluation of Religions: A Study in Contrast of the Positions of Jean Daniélou and Raimundo Panikkar. Rome: Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, 1985.

Approach and Understanding of Religions -- Jean Daniélou and Raimundo Panikkar: A Study in Contrast. Bangalore, Kristu Jyoti Publications, 1988.

II. Co-Author

Pathil, Kuncheria and Dominic Veliath. An Introduction to Theology. Bangalore:  Theological Publications in India, 2003.

III. Editor

Towards an Indian Christian Spirituality in a Pluralistic Context. Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications,                        1993.

IV. Co-Editor

Anchukandam, Thomas, Jose Kuttianimattathil and Dominic Veilath, eds. Towards a Deeper Understanding of Vatican II and the Post-Conciliar Documents. Bangalore: Kristu Jyoti Publications,                                              2001.

V. Translator

Kuruvachira, George and Dominic Veliath, trans. Your Glory, O Lord, Fills the Earth:  The Holy Spirit. Bangalore: Kristu Jyoti Publications, 1997.

2. Articles

“The Community of Educators.”  In Educating the Don Bosco Way: All India Seminar on the Preventive System.  191-197. Madras: Salesian Publications, 1978.

"Marian Devotion." Kristu Jyoti 3, no. 3 (1987): 56-65.

"Raimundo Panikkar and the Silence of God." In Cronache e Commenti di Studi Religiosi ... Ma                       Quale Dio? 65-80. UPS, Rome, 1987.
"Theological Reflections on Education." Kristu Jyoti 4, no. 1 (1988): 3-14.

"La Mariologia nella Chiesa dell'India." In La Teologia. Aspetti Innovatori e Loro Incidenze sulla Ecclesiologia e sulla  Mariologia, ed.  Donato Valentini, 315-327. Rome: Biblioteca di Scienze Religiose, 1989.

"Raimundo Panikkar: A Pilgrimage to Contemporary Ecclesiological Consciousness." Kristu Jyoti 5, no. 1 (1989): 8-25.

“Jesus Christ and the Theology of Religions: A Conspectus of Models." In Religious Pluralism: An Indian Christian Perspective, ed. Kuncheria Pathil, 156-190. Delhi: ISPCK, 1991.

"La Iglesia en la India, Nepal y Sri Lanka, a vista de pàjaro." Misiones Extranjeras (September - December 1991): 437- 449.

“Youth and Fundamentalism.” In Serving Youth Today in India, ed. Thomas Kalathuveettil, 352-361. Bangalore: Kristu Jyoti Publications, 1992.

"The Crisis in Priestly Formation." Jeevadhara 22 (July 1992): 310-317.                              

"The Trinity in Indian Theology. " Kristu Jyoti 8, no. 2 (1992): 1-24.

 “La Trinità nella teologia Indiana contemporanea. Autori e prospettive.” In Trinità in Contesto, ed. Angelo Amato, 171-190. Rome: UPS, 1993.

“Youth and Fundamentalaism.” Kristu Jyoti 10, no. 1 (1994): 17-30.

“Theological Pilgrimage with Mary through History.” Kristu Jyoti 11, no. 4 (1995): 110-132.

L’Immagine Teologica Di Maria Oggi:  Fede E Cultura. Symposium held at Marianum, Rome,1996.

“Models of Trinity.” In He Taught: A Festschrift in Honour of Sylvanus Sngi Lyngdoh, eds. George Kottuppalil and Jose Varickasseril, 1-11. Shillong: Vendrame Institute Publications, 1996.

“Christian Identity according to Vatican II.” In The Church in India in Search of a New Identity: The 19th Annual Meeting of the Indian Theological Association, 4 – 8th May 1996, eds. Kurien Kunnumpuram, Errol D’lima and  Jacob Parappally, 109-124. Bangalore: NBCLC, 1997.

“God Experience and its Authenticity.” Word and Worship 30, no. 1 (1997): 3-6.

“God and Religions: Indian Approaches.” Kristu Jyoti 15, no. 1 (1999): 38-71.

“Lumen Gentium: The Dogmatic Constitution on the Church.” In Towards a Deeper Understanding of Vatican II and the Post-Conciliar Documents, eds. Thomas Anchukandam, Jose Kuttianimattathil and Dominic Veilath, 79-107. Bangalore: Kristu Jyoti Publications, 2001.

“Apostolicam Actuositatem: The Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity.” In Towards a Deeper Understanding of Vatican II and the Post-Conciliar Documents, eds. Thomas Anchukandam, Jose Kuttianimattathil and Dominic Veilath, 294-305. Bangalore: Kristu Jyoti Publications, 2001.

“From Ontonomy to Dialogical Dialogue: A Passacaglia - The Dialogical Itinerary of Raimundo Panikkar.” In Vidyajyoti: Journal of Theological Reflection 66, no. 3 (2002): 193-210.

“Inter-Religious Dialogue.” In Church in the Service of Asia’s Peoples, eds. Jacob Kavunkal, Errol D’lima and Mathew Jayanth, 331-344. Pune: JDV, 2003.

“My Vision of the Church in India: A Non-Dualistic Paradigm.” In Bend Without Fear: Hopes and Possibilities for an Indian Church - Essays in Honour of Professor Kurien Kunnumpuram S.J., eds. Kurian Pandikattu and Rosario Rocha, 19-36. Delhi, 2003.

“The Theological Basis of Christian Commitment to the Nation.” In Christian Commitment to Nation Building, eds. A. Thumma, D.S. Alphonse, 75-117. Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2003.

“Collaboration Between Bishops and Theologians.” In Society and Church: Challenges to Theologizing in India Today, ed. Victor Machado, 67-86. Bangalore: Dharmaram Publications, 2004.

“Mysticism and the Spirituality of Service according to the Christian Tradition.” Third Millennium: Indian Journal of Evangelization 7 (January- March 2004): 6-18.

“Panikkar’s Hermeneutical Itinerary.” In Philosophical Methods through the Prevalent to the Relevant, ed. Johnson Puthenpurackal, 262-282. Bangalore: ATC, 2004

“The Mission of Catholic Theologians in India.” In The Church in India in the Emerging Third Millennium, ed. Thomas D’sa, 593-604. Bangalore: NBCLC, 2005.

The Supernatural Existential of Karl Rahner: An Appropriate Theological Paradigm in the Context of Inter-Religious Dialogue. Symposium held at St. Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore, 2005.

 “A Christology of Love.” Word and Worship 39, no. 3 (2006): 160-166.

“A Refocusing of the Salesian Charism at the Service of the Youth of South Asia Today.” In Research Seminar on the Life and Mission of the Salesians in the Emerging South Asia: In the Context  of the Centenary Celebrations of Salesian Presence in South  Asia, ed. Paul Puthanangady, 230-248. Bangalore: Kristu Jyoti Publications, 2006.

“Theologizing in the Context: Challenges and Possibilities.” In The Living Word: Journal of Philosophy and Theology 112 (May- June 2006): 133-144.

 “The Person and Mission of Jesus Christ according to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed.” In Jeevadhara 36 (May 2006): 183-192.

“The Theologian and the Church.” In Vatican II - A Gift and a Task: International Colloquium to Mark the 40th Anniversary of Vatican Council II, eds. Jacob Kavunkal, Errol D’lima and  Evelyn Monteiro, 100-115. Bombay: St. Paul Publications, 2006.

“The Kairos of the Laity: Some Historico-Theological Reflections.” In Indian Theology Seeking New Horizons: Festschrift Volume to J.C. Manalel, ed. Kuncheria Pathil, 94-106. Mumbai: St. Paul Publications, 2007.

“The Relationship between the Hierarchy and the Religious in the Catholic Church.” In Kristu Jyoti 23, no. 4 (2007): 205-238.

“Catholic Priest in India: from a Relational Perspective.” Sacred Perspectives 1, no. 1 (2009): 7-22.

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“The Pastoral Challenges posed by the Context and the Response of the Post-Conciliar Church in India to the Same.” In Encounter: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Reflections of Faith and Life 2 (July 2009): 60-81.
“A Conspectus of Theologies of Religions in Post-Conciliar India.” In Catholic Theology and Thought 65 (Summer 2010): 190-218.

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“Religious Pluralism and Inter-Religious Dialogue.” In Journal of Indian Theology 3, no. 1 (2010): 6-41.

“Towards an Understanding of Catholic Priesthood.” Kristu Jyoti 26, no. 2 (2010): 96-108.

“Towards an Understanding of the Catholic Priesthood.” In Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of Priests, eds. David Maria Selvam and Gabriel Karunaraj, 9-18. Bangalore: Kristu Jyoti Publications, 2010.

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“The Catholic Church in India and Religions.” In Journal of Indian Theology 4, no. 2 (2011): 6-38.

“God in Thomism and Process Thought.” In Catholic Theology and Thought 69 (Summer 2012): 127-155.

“Priests in India: A Prospective Reflection.” In Jeevadhara 40 (July 2012): 287-301.

 “Tracing the Contours of the Paradigmatic Indian Salesian.” In Grace and Competence in Pastoral Ministry. Essays to Mark the Platinum Jubilee of Sacred heart Theological College, Shillong, 1938 – 2013, eds. Paul Vadakumpadan and Jose Varickasseril, 285-300. Shillong: Vendrame Institute Publications, 2012.

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