Saturday, 29 January 2011

Early Syrian Christian Literature

"The Acts and Decrees of the Synod of Diamper." English translation, in James Hough, The History of Christianity in India, 1839. 2:512-683. [UTC]
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Lucas, P.U. Ancient Songs of the Syrian Christians of Malabar. Kottayam, 1954. 206 pp. [CMSC]
Rao, C.P. Govinda. Old Songs of the Malayalam Literature. Trivandrum, 1093 (1918). 280 pp. [LWB]
Songs in Adoration of the Cross. Kottayam, 1948. 19 pp. [LWB]
Daniel, K.N. A Critical Study of the Primitive Liturgies. 2nd ed. 1949. 267 pp. [Theological discussion.] 

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