Friday, 12 August 2011

Another MS of the Khristapurana discovered

Though the 'Amonkar MS' turned out not to be an MS at all, I had another surprise in store. I went to the Thomas Stephens Konknni Kendr, Porvorim, and asked to see the M.C. Saldanha MS. I was handed not one but two MS of the KP! I wonder if they have any more.

So let's establish these abbreviations:

CL: the Goa Central Library MS of the KP (following Tadkodkar)
TSKK-1: the M.C. Saldanha MS of the KP, at the TSKK
TSKK-2: the second MS of the KP, at the TSKK

For the record:

CL has interpolations made by Pascoal Gomes de Faria in 1722.
TSKK-2 has the same interpolations. It is a less well-preserved copy, however.
TSKK-1 does not have the interpolations. This adds to the probability that it is one of the MS examined by J.L. Saldanha for his 1907 edition (he knows about the interpolations, but says explicitly that he has not seen them in any of the MS he examined - among which one belonging to a certain Marian Saldanha).

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