Saturday, 13 November 2010

Asian Christian Theologies, ed. John C. England et al

England, John C., Jose Kuttianimattathil, John M. Prior, Lily A. Quintos, David Suh Kwang-sun, Janice Wikeri, ed. Asian Christian Theologies: A Research Guide to Authors, Movements, Sources. Vol. 1: Asia Region 7th-20th centuries; South Asia; Austral Asia. Delhi: ISPCK / Claretian Publishers; Maryknoll: Orbis, 2002. 220-1: Pierre Johanns, sj (1882-1955).
This is a precious resource, as far as a bibliography of Indian Christian Writings is concerned.
It is, of course, of a far larger scope than "Indian Christian Writings." However, its extension is also its limitation. It is not able to cover the whole area of Indian Christian Writings. 
Some glaring omissions: 
Thomas Stephens is mentioned, but in passing. 
Except for Pierre Johanns, none of the other members of the Calcutta School of Indology find mention. 
There is not a single mention of the work of Richard De Smet. 
Much work to be done, therefore, in producing a proper bibliography of Indian Christian Writings. 
Still, the resources mentioned will be helpful.

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