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S.M. Tadkodkar, Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika during the 17th Century

An extraordinary book: S.M. Tadkodkar, Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika during the 17th Century. Delhi: B.R. Publications, 2009.

Tadkodkar, who is HoD of Marathi at the Goa University, proposes that 2 of the 3 Paixao de Christo found at the end of the MS of the Khristapurana preserved in the State Central Library, Panjim, Goa, were written by Thomas Stephens himself.

The book - which is practically sold out - contains transcriptions of many other parts of the MS: the Censures and Licences, for example.

Tadkodkar teaches a course called "Christian Marathi Literature" every year to his students. Every year, he told me, he has problems from his students: Sir, why do we have to study this stuff? And every year, by the end of the course, they say: This is the best course we have attended.

The Professor is full of admiration for Thomas Stephens. His writings are able to move people even today, reaching out across temporal, religious and community barriers to touch the hearts of those who read and hear.


  1. Paixao de Cristo - by Dr. S.M. Tadkodkar

    Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika : During the 17th CenturyPaixao de Cristo (Passion of Christ) known as Christi Vilapika in Marathi, was written by during the 17th century in Marathi language and Roman script, based on sublime pathos of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It republushed in the book Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika : During the 17th Century[1]

    Contents: Introduction. Prologue to the readers. 1. Christian Marathi literature in Goa. 2. Contribution of A.K. Priolkar and V.B. Prabhudessai to the study of Christian Marathi literature written during the 17th century. 3. Textual criticism and the Christian Marathi literature in Goa. 4. Depiction of suffering and the Cry. 5. Scheme of transliteration of Christian Marathi literature in Goa. 6. Texts of the Paixao de Cristo (Christi Vilapika) in the Roman script. 7. Texts of the Paixao de Cristo (Christi Vilapika) transliterated from the Roman script into the Devanagari script. 8. Structure of Marathi language in Christian literature in Goa. Appendices: 1. Censures and licenses. 2. Glossary (Marathi-Roman as well as Devanagari script-English). 3. Explanatory notes-I. 4. Explanatory notes-II. 5. Four texts of CHILAYABAL VILAPIKA. 6. Bibliography. 7. Texts of the Christi Vilapika. "This book is a faithful reproduction of original texts of Christian Marathi Vilapika (Passion of Christ), written by Catholic missionaries during the 17th century in Marathi language and Roman script, while the Portuguese were ruling Goa. Dr. S.M. Tadkodkar, an ardent research scholar of Christian Marathi literature of the 17th century, has offered in this book edited copies of three poems based on sublime pathos of the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. He also transliterated the texts into the Devanagari script. Dr. Tadkodkar has restored original texts after following principles of textual criticism. The author has also investigated linguistic form of the 17th century in Goa to explore whether it resembles with that of 12th and 13th centuries Marathi language in Maharashtra. The linguistic erudition reflected in these consolidated texts would emerge as a patient study of the 17th century enriched with glossary and copious notes. This attempt should be considered as the valuable contribution to the understanding of vernacular languages, which offer potentially abundant material for specialized linguistics." (jacket)

    Description Book cover of Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika : During the 17th Century, B.R. Pub., 2010, ISBN 81-7646-498-8 .

  2. Dr. Tadkodkar receives gold medal for his research and literary contribution

    Panaji, dated December 21, 2009

    Dr. S. M. Tadkodkar is the recipient of noteworthy ‘Research Link Saraswat Samman Gold Medal’ for the year of 2008-09 in respect of his outstanding contribution to area of research and literary writing in Marathi. Dr. Tadkodkar is the head of Department of Postgraduate Instruction and Research in Marathi at Goa University.

    The Gold Medal and a scroll were presented to Dr. Tadkodkar during an impressive function of an all India Research Scholars Seminar at Nalanda (Bihar), which was held on December 12 and 13 this year. The Medal was awarded by ‘Research Link’, which is a national periodical for publication of critical research articles. It is being published at Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

    Dr. Tadkodkar was awarded a three year research fellowship by University Grants Commission, New Delhi. On the basis of the research his book in English titled ‘Goan Christian Marathi Vilapika of the 17th Century’ has been published. One of the noted critics Professor S. R. Chunekar has observed that Priolkar - Prabhudessai – Tadkodkar tradition in the field of research in Marathi has emerged.
    His literary writing has been published in noteworthy periodicals including a journal titled ‘Paramarsh’ of University of Pune. He has been invited to present papers at national seminars and to deliver lectures outside Goa in front of learned audience.
    Writing of Dr. Tadkodkar has been included in anthologies which are published at national level. He also has chaired a session of the first All India Language Congress held at Jalgaon.
    Basically, Dr. Tadkodkar, who prefers solitary life, is a well known poet of Konkani and Marathi.
    Dr. Tadkodkar has written more than thirteen books in Marathi, Konkani and English. Out of which following are the volumes of poetry:
    1. Krishna-Kalee (Konkani),
    2. Paayanjael (Konkani),
    3. Raan-Maun (Marathi),
    4. Titiksha (marathi),
    5. Taabaa (Marathi)

    His books are also published by Goa Konkani Academy and Gomantak Marathi Academy. A monograph in Konkani by Dr. Tadkodkar on a Konkani poet Dr. R. V. Pandit was well appreciated for embedded neat research attitude. Presently he is editing a birth centenary volume titled ‘Bakibab Borkar Janma-Shat-Saawantsarik’ which includes writings by luminaries on the celebrated Konkani-Marathi poet Balkrishna Bhagawant Borkar. It will be a model for research writing, Dr. Tadkodkar hopes.
    . It will be a model for research writing, Dr. Tadkodkar hopes.

    Dr. Tadkodkar, who is a silent research scholar, has also received ‘Anubandh-Bhimrao Chincholikar prize, Gomant Vidya Niketan prize for best research writing earlier. He earned Ph. D. degree for his thesis on ‘A Critical Study of Professor Anant Kakaba Priolkar’s contribution to research’ under the thought provoking guidance of Dr. V. B. Prabhudessai, who is well respected in the area of research by one and all.

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  4. Good tolearn about the great appreciation by the students at the end of Professor Takodakar's course. I am reminded of my good friend, late Professor Gangadhar Morje's involvement in writing, Kristi Marathi Vangmaya,published by Ahmednagar College and Snehasadan, 1984. I enjoyed numerous sessions of critical discussions we used to have together and also with some of his doctoral and other potgrad students on the contribution of ths particular type of Marathi literature.
    Congratulations to Professor Takodkar!! Please keep it flourishing!!!