Sunday, 27 September 2009

Antonio do Rozario (Prince of Bhusanar)

Portugaler antarpatti avorar sadharan granthaloyayey raskshita puthi haitey kalikata visya vidyalayayer adhyapak O Senateyer sadashya. [Argument and Dispute upon the Law between a Roman Catholic Father and a Brahman.] Lisbon, 1743. Calcutta University, 1937. Pp Introduction + 100. [Publication of a Bengali MS of 100 pp. from about 1680 describing a disucssion on questions like the Hindu idea of predestination, Vishnu's incarnations, the Hindu Trimurthi, etc. - The Roman Catholic Father wins the argument. - Antonio is supposed to have been the son of the king of Benares who became a Christian and worked as a 'catechist.']

Available at The National Archives, New Delhi. Cited in Baago 2. See also Asian Christian Theologies 1:43.

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