Monday, 24 August 2009

De Smet on an Indian Dialogical Theology

In 1973 Richard De Smet wrote:
Dialogical Christian theology in India is not sufficiently advanced to provide scope for a critical evaluation. The Library of Indian Christian Theology initiated by the Department of Research and Post-Graduate Studies, United Theological College, Bangalore, exists only in preparation. K. Baago has given us its basic Bibliography. [Note 1: Madras: C.L.S., 1969.] R. Boyd has published An Introduction to Indian Christian Theology [Note 2: Indian Theological Library series, No. 1. Madras: C.L.S., 1969.] But the creative work done so far remains mostly hidden in articles, reports of conferences, and stenciled notes of professors of seminaries. The patient task of sifting them and extracting from them the real diamonds has hardly begun. ("Suggestions for an Indian Dialogical Theology," Bangalore Theological Forum 5/1 (1973) 74.)
Since then, there have been several studies. There is Jose Kuttianimattathil's doctoral thesis....

See also De Smet, "Recent Developments in the Christian Approach to the Hindu," Lumen Vitae 29/4 (1974) 515-520, for bibliography.

De Smet, Review of Marcus Braybrooke, The Undiscovered Christ: A Review of Recent Developments in the Christian Approach to the Hindu. Indian Journal of Theology 24 (1975) 66-71. M.III.33.

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